WTF Do They Mean? Weird Signs To Make Your Life More Complicated! # 21: This Can’t Be Real!

What the heck do they mean? They can’t be serious! WTF! The following signs either make no sense at all or can be classified as absolute moronic! For goodness sake what idiot believes there should be a warning sign not to eat gum out of a toilet or even worse, not to test drive condoms in the shop before buying? It’s like telling hotel guests not to use the hair dryer in the shower.

If these signs are really necessary then God help us, because the chances of surviving being that stupid are very slim! Some of the signs are totally hilarious as well, I hope you have a good laugh, enjoy and please don’t forget to share!

1. Of course we knew!

weird signs13


2. I won’t tell you again! Don’t swallow the coat hanger!

weird signs9


3. Save the tomatoes.

weird signs4


4. How about my old couch!

weird signs8


5. Make up your mind!

weird signs18


6. Excuse me is this the men’s toilet?

weird signs22

7. Better keep your pets indoor!

weird signs20

8. What kind of person wouldn’t like ducks?

weird signs2


9. Recession must be pretty bad if they start selling their kids!

weird signs15


10. What an opportunistic little cat!

weird signs7

11. That will be a pretty empty restaurant I’d say!

weird signs11


12. Better wear a helmet!

weird signs1


13. This is probably near a special needs school!

weird signs16

14. What they actually mean is: No sex on the pavement!

weird signs14


15. Smells fishy to me!

weird signs12


16. That also smells fishy to me!

weird signs25

17. In other words, they crap on you!

weird signs5

18. Strange, most of the time no bra means more service!

weird signs23

19. Are you serious! Since when?

weird signs24

20. You’ve got to be pretty desperate wanting to do this!

weird signs19


21. Please do not feed your children to the crocodiles! Our crocs are on a strict diet!

weird signs43


22. Then I’ll try Avis!

weird signs30

23. That’s pretty radical isn’t it!

weird signs40


24. I’ve got no idea what they’re trying to tell you here, but you better beware!

weird signs29

25. In plain English: No boners on the bus!

weird signs38


26. I wonder what could be in that box!

weird signs21

27. Redneck garage sale!

weird signs41


28. That’s perfectly good gum!

weird signs3

29. Yogi Bear joined the para troopers!

weird signs35


30. No more getting high on Oreos in the library!

weird signs28

31. Better wear a condom!

weird signs33


32. Thank God I’m a country boy!

weird signs34

33. Puppies are cool!

weird signs26

34. Especially the waffles part is very disturbing!

weird signs37

35. No smoking it is!

weird signs36


36. How perverted can you be!

weird signs32

37. No try, no buy!

weird signs27

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