See What These Little Kids Did! This Is Total Destruction! Be Shocked and Awed!

The dream of having kids, everything is picture perfect, little hands and tiny feet. However, when they grow up these little hands and tiny feet can become weapons of mass destruction. See what can happen if you leave your little ones unsupervised, even a couple of minutes will do the trick.

I hope those people enjoyed their 5 minutes of peace and quiet? Because 5 minutes is all it takes to get the goldfish killed, the television wrecked and the new couch ruined. This is total destruction, enjoy!

1. Mommy I can’t fix this puzzle!

kids destruction 1

2. Our $6000 Italian design couch, now with home made graffiti!

kids destruction 2

3. That little boy would later become the famous actor Johnny Depp.

kids destruction 3

4. A Persian rug, some ink toner and a toddler. Priceless!

kids destruction 4

5. It was like this when we got here!

kids destruction 5

6. Mommy look I made you some pancakes!

kids destruction 6

7. It looked boring anyway!

kids destruction 7

8. Fish needs plenty of black pepper!

kids destruction 8

9. And that’s laptop number two!

kids destruction 9

10. Playing Frosty the Snowman.

kids destruction 10


11. If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands!
kids destruction 11
12. Sim-lock free, cracked smart phone!

kids destruction 12

13. Baking Cookies!

kids destruction 13


14. Unfortunately Ken didn’t survive the ordeal, Barbie is still missing in action!

kids destruction 14

15. Update on 14:  This used to be Barbie. She’ll be sadly missed!

kids-ruined 19

16. Dad’s brand new man cave flat screen, just for him and the lads!

kids destruction 15

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