The Timing Of These Pictures Couldn’t Be Better, Simply Amazing!

The best pictures are the ones you accidentally made,  look at the spectacular pictures below. Is it brilliant timing or just a case of the right place at the right time?

1. Great balls of fire

playing football with the sun

 2. Intergalactic Olympics

olympic rings and moon

3. Keep going Dave, keep going!  It’s only a sardine!

kite surfer with whale

4. WTF dude what’s Alvin doing here!

two guys and squirrel

5. Three, two, one, zero…..Houston we’ve got lift off!

football player lift off

6. Make way, make way, heavy lifting in progress!

crane lifting the moon

7. There goes the laptop, the flat screen and every other electronic device in the house!

lightning hitting building

8. I feel an itch in my tail

two cats with tails forming a heart

9. The headless athlete

headless athlete

10. Bite me!

seagull stealing ice cream

12. Red M&M…. Yum!

bird eating berry

13. Crane driver get rid of that ugly eye sore and send it to the Yanks!

crane lifting the eiffel tower

14. Make up your mind!

Rainbow and lightning

15. Say cheese!

cyclist crashing

16. He had chili for dinner last night!

eagle with comtrails

17. Air traffic control says, stay in a holding pattern

Buddha holding a plane between his fingers

18. Dubai sunset


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