OMG Cuteness Overload! ShiroNeko The Cutest Cat Of Japan! It’s Almost Too Cute!

Say Hi to Shironeko aka the Zen Master Cat, the cutest cat from the land of the rising sun! Shironeko, which means white cat in Japanese, is always a happy chap and totally at peace with the world. Happy cat or sleepy cat would also have been a good name as happy Shironeko thinks that any time is nap time. Shironeko can even nap and smile at the same time, a combination that is a guarantee for totally adorable pictures. Please don’t forget to share!


1. If you’re happy and you know it, take a nap!

white cat9

2. Nap time with orange on my head!

white cat5

3. Nap time Japanese style!

white cat1

4. Teenage mutant cabbage nap time cat!

white cat4

5. Nap time with daisies on my head!

white cat8

6. Nap time with rubber ducky on my head!

white cat7

7. Harvesting carrots and……. nap time!

white cat6

8. That uber cute pink nose is so totally kissable!

white cat3

9. Flowers always make me sleepy.

white cat2


Watch Shironeko and his buddies do what they like best. Be warned! Extremely high cuteness factor-may cause cuteness overload! Watch at own risk!

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