Yes I Do! If You Find Wedding Pictures Boring, These Mooning Bridesmaids Will Change Your Mind!

Mooning bridesmaids, the latest trend in bridal photography! You’ve probably seen a quite a number of wedding pictures in your life. The bride and groom in the car, entering church, the ducks at the park, grandma crying, boring like ….! However a new trend in wedding photography has emerged and it’s quite refreshing. The latest trend is called mooning bridesmaids, where the bridesmaids pull up their skirts and show us some booty. I don’t want the women to feel left out so there are also mooning groomsmen and one very bald Scotsman who……well you better look for yourself. Please share if you like this!

mooning bridesmaids3

mooning bridesmaids2

mooning bridesmaids6

mooning bridesmaids4

mooning bridesmaids1

mooning bridesmaids5

mooning bridesmaids10

mooning bridesmaids8

mooning bridesmaids9

mooning bridesmaids11

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