Lioness Risks Own Life To Save Her Cub. There’s No Stronger Force Than Motherly Love!

A dramatic scene unfolded at the Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya, were a lion cub slid down a slope to the side of steep cliff. The photographer Jean Francois Largot caught the whole rescue on camera.

The first scene shows the cub crying for help as he desperately tries to hold on. The second picture shows the mother and three other lionesses of the pack coming to the rescue. The mom risking her own life but driven by motherly love starts to clamber down and reaches the cub. At scene four we see mum climbing back up with the cub safe in her jaws. The last picture shows mum, tenderly licking her little one, and telling him to never do this again.

This rescue shows that there’s no stronger force than the love of a mother for her kid. Where would we be without motherly love!

1. Mommy, mommy I was looking for the litter box and I slipped!


2. No can do, to steep!


3. Mom is on her way!


4. That’s one hell of a climb!


5. Mom did it!


These spectacular pictures where made by Jean Francois Largot.

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