Totally Useless Japanese Inventions! #11: WTF Get A Life!

We all know the Japanese for making and inventing great stuff. However not all that’s being invented and created in the land of the rising sun is da bomb! If you look at the list of inventions below, then you probably understand what I mean. Some of the products are absolutely ridiculous, like the pee on your knees system. How drunk must that guy have been to think that it’s a good idea to sit on your knees while taking a leak! Well at least they give us something to laugh about, because it’s totally hilarious! Please don’t forget to share! Be Good!

1. Square Melons! Why? Because we can!

strange inventions22

2. How about a hearing aid?

strange inventions1

3. Where is the bottom half!

strange inventions17

4. For those drunken nights. The pee on your knees system….lol!

strange inventions16

5. The crash anywhere pillow. For those to drunk to make it home!

strange inventions10

6. Looks a bit like a beer funnel!

strange inventions7

7. How to look like an idiot eating noodles!

strange inventions20

8. That’s probably the closest they’ll ever get to it!

strange inventions18

9. A Banana cover. Makes absolute sense!

strange inventions13

10. Yeah much better than a lighter!

strange inventions14

11. Hear the neighbors have a go at it! For those who have no life at all!

strange inventions9

12. Not totally useless if you love camping!

strange inventions2

13. Another brilliant invention made after feasting on magic mushrooms!

strange inventions4

14. Why didn’t I invent the soundless karaoke microphone!

strange inventions11

15. The perfect selfie maker!

strange inventions8

16. Prevent chin dropping device!

strange inventions5

17. In ear video camera. Now with direct Facebook and YouTube upload capability!

strange inventions3

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