This Is Stellar! Space Art From The Hubble Telescope! Wow I Feel So Small!

We are stardust, we are golden. Watch this mind blowing footage made by the Hubble telescope. These pictures look like surreal art, art made by the greatest power in the universe. It makes you feel so small and insignificant, just imagine that you’re looking thousands, millions or even billions of years back in time. These pictures are actually showing you the birth of parts of the universe, it’s totally amazing. It’s a real violent world out there and we may count ourselves lucky that we live on this beautiful tranquil haven called Earth.

1. The Crab nebula in the constellation of Taurus,  a super nova remnant which was recorded in 1054.

Crab Nebula

2. M8 the lagoon Nebula, an active stellar nursery about 5000 light years away.


3. Messier 9 or M9 with over 300,000 stars within a diameter of about 90 light years.


4. The Rosetta Nebula which spans about 100 light years and lies 5000 light years away.


5. North America Nebula.


6. Starburst galaxy M82.


7. Whirlpool galaxy M51.


8. Milky Way star forming region, containing over a billion stars.


9. The Milky Way in infra red.


10. The Eagle Nebula in the constellation of the serpent, 7000 light years away.


11. The Elephant’s trunk nebula in the constellation of Cepheus.


12. The Tarantula nebula in the constellation Dorado, an immense star forming region which is about a 1000 light years across.


13. A massive star in MGC 6357 in the constellation Scorpius.


14. Simeis 147, a supernova remnant on the constellation borders of Auriga and Taurus.


15. Hubble Deep Field, Looking back 10 billion years in time.



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