Totally Funny Workplace Notes! How To Deal With Workplace Frustrations! # 20: Take Your Pick!

The workplace is basically a grown up version of an elementary school playground with the same territorial battles and disputes. The battle zone called workplace is filled with broken dreams, resentment and irritation. It’s the frustration about that a**hole who keeps stealing your lunch or using your coffee mug. Or the losers that keep soiling the toilets, or how about dealing with that coworker who keeps wasting your time talking BS.

What to do about it? Physical violence may sound tempting, however it may not be the smartest option if you want to keep your job. Next best thing, write a witty, but most of all bitchy note to tell the schmucks how you feel about them! Enjoy this collection of hilarious workplace notes, may they inspire you!

1. So that’s how it’s supposed to be done!

funny workplace notes 1


2. Burn baby burn!

funny workplace notes2

3. What complaints?

funny workplace notes 3


4. The vet is retiring!

funny workplace notes4


5. I know, I know!

funny workplace notes 5


6. Feel the power!

funny workplace notes6


7. Probably a spider, a Tarantula would be awesome!

funny workplace notes7


8. At least it kept him regular.

funny workplace notes8

9. So true!

funny workplace notes9

10. Ever heard of adoption!

funny workplace notes11

11. Don’t worry it’s only herpes!

funny workplace notes10

12. Is that a Kama Sutra position?

funny workplace notes12

13. Please re-evaluate your shitting routine!

funny workplace notes13

14. Aim, Fire, Missed!

funny workplace notes14

15. Disturbing, very disturbing!

funny workplace notes21

16. Don’t agitate the monkeys!

funny workplace notes16

17. Question: Do dolphins have wet dreams?
funny workplace notes17
18. Why always blame the guys!

funny workplace notes18

19. This is a case for the FBI.

funny workplace notes19

20. Exchanging Pleasantries!

funny workplace notes

21. The guy with the biggest man boobs is the culprit !

funny workplace notes20

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