Some Of The Best Funny Cat Videos On The Web! Beware Of Cuteness Overload!

This is another one for the cat lovers, 10 of the best cat videos on the internet. Cats have the ability to make us laugh, cats love to do all kinds off funny stuff, cats also have unlimited energy resources and got great perseverance. This is the perfect combination to make totally hilarious videos which have the tendency to go viral.

The 10 videos on this page are a mix of classic and brand new ones. My favorites are the cat dressed up as a shark riding the Roomba, while chasing a little duckling. One of the newer videos I really like are the DJ kittens, those kittens sure give DJ Armin van Buuren a run for his money. What are your favorite cat videos? Let us know and we may add them to this page.

Have a purrfect day!

1. The Chopstick Kitten.


2. A Very Patient  Cat.


3. Cat Eating A Banana.


4. Cute Talking Munchkin Kitten.


5. The Cat That Back Crawls Under The Kitchen Table.


6. Kitten Fort Video.


7. Wrestling Kittens Video.


8. Kung Fu Kitten Attacks Ceramic Cat.


9. Cat In A Shark Costume Rides A Roomba Chasing a Duck.


10. DJ Kittens.

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