Totally Hilarious Dog Costumes For Halloween

It’s almost Halloween again, so lets find a dog costume for your canine friend. We searched the web for the funniest dog costumes and we believe we pretty much nailed it. Since I haven’t got a dog myself I decided to order the Dewback Pet Rider costume for my sisters dog because I think it’s absolutely hilarious. Dogs should wear their costumes all year long….lol. So if your pooch is in need of a new dog costume this Halloween then check out this list for some funny dog costume ideas!

1 Dewback Pet Rider Dog Costume.

Dog Costume

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2. Rasta Dog Costume.

Rasta Dog Costume

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3. Hammerhead Shark Dog Costume.

Hammerhead Shark Dog Costume

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4. Superman dog costume.

Superman Dog Costume

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5. Wonder Woman Dog Costume.

Wonder Woman Dog Costume

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6. Lion dog costume.

Lion Dog Costume

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7. Ghostbusters Dog Costume.

Ghostbusters Dog Costume

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8. Star Wars Ewok Dog Costume.

Star Wars Ewok Dog Costume

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9. Stegosaurus Dog Costume.

Stegosaurus Dog Costume

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10. Batman Dog Costume.

Batman Dog Costume

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If non of these dog costumes were good enough for your pooch than check out this place for more dog costume ideas.

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