True Kitty Love! Watch These Uber Cute Kitties Cuddle

Call 911! Cuteness attack in progress! A cat lovers delight, a feline feast, call it whatever you want! It’s cats, cats and more cats, cuddling and hugging! These are pictures of the most adorable purring machines you’ve ever seen! I just can’t control myself, the sheer cuteness it’s too much! Enter at own risk!

1. My baby!

cat cuddling toy

2. The goggy and me after a night at the club!



3. Don’t look! I think we’re being watched!


4. They told me it was a Main Coon!

cat hugs 14

5. No is not for eating, is for cuddling!

cat hugs 15

6. Oui Je T’aime!


7. Burp, Burp!


8. Come on, just let me nibble your chin!

cat hugs 10

9. I’ll make you a Mohawk.


10. All competitors, please prepare for the English Waltz.


11. All mine, all mine.

cat hugs 11

12. Be my Valentine!


13. Grumpy Cuddles!

cat hugs 12

14. I smell Calvin Klein.

cat hugs 13

15. Me cutie patootie, you cuddle!

cat hugs 16

16. If only those humans gave us a little more space for smooching!


17. Attack of the uber cute!


18. Yum, you had steak last night!

cat hugs17


Source: Imgur

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