Best Fundraiser Ever! Riding A Sex Toy In Public To Raise Awareness For Female Circumcision! Every 100K Views Is $100!

Sometimes you need a little shock effect to get a serious message out to the world.  This charity wants to raise awareness for female circumcision which still happens quite a lot in certain African countries. Female circumcision leaves women mutilated and scarred for life. Female circumcision means the removal of the clitoris and labia, mostly under dreadful unhygienic circumstances. Many young girls die as a result of this torture.

Don’t believe that female circumcision has got anything to do with male circumcision. It’s beyond comparison, it’s equivalent to having cut off the entire head of the penis, not just loose skin. You get the picture! So please watch this video and help make it go viral as every 1ooK views is an extra $100! Please Share!

Let this video rock the world, please share!

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