Go Bananas This Halloween With A Banana Costume!

I first saw the banana costume when I met a group college students heading for a Halloween party dressed up as a gang of bananas. I thought it was bloody funny, especially the ones who were dressed as banana flashers. So why should you go bananas this Halloween? First you wont see that many of them so you’ll be quite unique in your banana costume, second it’s totally hilarious, a lot more funny than joining the mind numbing crowd of Batmans!

There’s a whole range of banana costumes, you can even dress up your dog as a banana. The costumes below are from BuyCostumes a trusted retailer which also ships internationally. So lets go wild this Halloween and flash thoseĀ  bananas.

1. Adult Banana Costume, also available in plus size.

Banana Costume

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2. Banana Teen Costume.

Banana Teen Costume

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3. Banana Flasher Costume.

Cheeky, cheeky, cheeky, I’ve also seen girls wearing this, which makes it even more funny.

Banana Flasher Costume

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4. Banana Child Costume.

Banana Child Costume

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5. Banana Infant Costume.

Banana Infant Costume

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6. Banana Pet Costume.

Banana Pet Costume

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