This Can’t Be Real, Someone Abandoned This Classic Ferrari!

A guy in Florida, made a spectacular find: This classic Ferrari was parked somewhere in the bushes of nowhere land. The car must have been there for ages, looking at the state of it. Such an absolute shame to see this beautiful car going to waste! I’m not an expert but this looks like a rare Ferrari Daytona, think big bucks!  And what’s the story of this car? Why would someone abandon a car that can easily cost a couple of  hundred thousand bucks? Was it stolen, was it revenge of the cheated wife or is there a body in the trunk?

Dumped in the middle of nowhere, far from civilization

Abandoned Ferrari

Parked in the bushes

Abandoned Ferrari2

Abandoned Ferrari3

Abandoned Ferrari4

This makes the heart of a Ferrari lover cry

Abandoned Ferrari5

The Ferrari must have been there for quite a while, looking at the state of it

Abandoned Ferrari6

Abandoned Ferrari7

Abandoned Ferrari8

Abandoned Ferrari9


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